Super Sized

Cuban-American bombshell Angelina Castro is a sweater-splitting bombshell in very sense of the word. She’s also a lot of fun just to listen to. If you’ve seen her special Blog videos talking about the South Florida scene, you know what we mean. Angelina fucks like a bunny and loves show-off sex and she’s not shy about doing it on camera unlike most Cuban girls who keep it behind closed doors. Her excited, outspoken personality and sense of humor, and her funny observations about life have made her a favorite guest on many local Spanish language variety shows where she is the “hot girl.” The fact that she has a jawdropping body including an amazing ass is not lost on the TV people either. But hey, we’re shallow here. Her huge tits got her into SCORE. We love to watch her drop her top and spread her pussy and we love to watch her hop on the cock. What tops it all off on video is the way she talks. She has a sexy, funny and dirty mouth and that really charges up a scene, making it even hornier. With Angelina, a high energy girl who keeps her fuck-me heels on at home too, you must stock up on the zinc, lecithin and egg whites because you’ll need every volt of your stamina.