Black Lace

It’s back to basics this week at LinseysWorld – a black bra and knickers, a white shirt and black stockings – with a fresh photo set straight from our London SCORE studio. But even a basic pictorial of LDM blows away anything you see on the Net. While countless thousands of wannabes try to strut their stuff on the web and draw an audience, none can come close to ever matching Linsey, no matter how hard they try. Recent letters to LDM. “Hi Linsey! I’m a 22 year-old fan from Argentina (so please, excuse me if my English is not good enough). I’m really a huge fan of yours (maybe the biggest down here). You receive hundreds of mails, so I guess you can see the difference between someone who writes nasty things just because, and some who really admire you. What I’m trying to say is: I’m not a pervert! A few years ago, I was watching TV (just zapping) when something made me stop. I think it was a “Sex & Shopping” program. 10 or 20 seconds (in shock) later I was wondering the name of the most beautiful nature’s masterpiece. Then a voice said “Linsey Dawn McKenzie”. Two years later, and after looking for you on the Internet almost every day (and becoming a member of your web site), here I’m writing to you. As you can imagine, you’re my permanent wallpaper in my computer. One day my mother was standing in front of the computer, looking at the wallpaper, and wise words came out of her mouth: “You will marry a girl without tits. Do you know why? Because you like tits so much!” Well, that’s true, but in spite of that stunning part of your anatomy, let me say that every inch of you (from top to bottom) is perfect. Probably you won’t believe this (it’s understandable). Do you know which part of you I really like? Your eyes and your mouth. Well, now that it’s clear (I think) how much I like you, let me tell you something about two specific photoshoots you’ve done: 1) The hardcore photoshoot: It was strange what happened with that. First, I didn’t want to watch it. I don’t know why. I guess it was because you never did that and it was something new. But then I watched it and now I really like it. 2) The shaving photoshoot. Well, it’s time to finish. Thank you for everything, keep yourself in front of the camera, because you’re the best! Best luck and my best wishes, Pelayo (that’s my name, it’s Greek). P.S.: I’ve a request for a photoshoot…just one word: Supergirl. I would really like it, and let’s face it…. you’re a supergirl!” “Dearest Linsey, I first heard of you when you were a teenager — probably just after your 18th birthday when you appeared in SCORE. I also saw images of you on the Internet probably before your SCORE appearance. I joined your UK Fan Club in 1997 (membership #1094) and ordered videos from your fan club. Since then I’ve purchased every one of your videos — either from SCORE or other sources. Anyhow when I saw your SCORE and Voluptuous spreads ‘Huge Changes’ and ‘Linsey Blossoms,’ I was even more enamored of you. ‘Ultimate Linsey’ changed my opinion — at one time I wrote you imploring you not to do hardcore, but that video was dynamite. It’s my favorite except for ‘Linsey’s Lezzie Seduction.’ Please do an encore with Autumn. Anyhow, ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.’ I love you as you were at 16 and as you are now at 23 years, 6 months and 23 days. I loved you as an innocent ’school girl’ and I love you as a mature more voluptuous woman. If I have a request, it is to see you in person someday, somewhere. Keep on posing and if possible, please do another video with Autumn — it would be fantastic to see the two of you together showing off your larger breasts and setting off fireworks together. Love, Paul.”