Arianna Does The Lawn Boy

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Here’s the secret to a long, happy and fuck-filled life: become a lawn boy (or a lawn man, or a lawn maintenance professional, or whatever they’re called these days). A job as a pool boy would probably work just as well. Because these guys get plenty of pussy, and not just in porn movies. So here’s Arianna Sinn , out for a stroll on her property in the Domincan Republic. She isn’t wearing much. A short skirt. A sheer top with no bra. Her nipples are poking through, and she’s clearly dressed to get attention. She goes up to the guy who’s doing her lawn. Stuffs her tits in his face. He drops his electric hedger, and away they go…Arianna’s second hardcore scene! See how Arianna sucks cock while looking into the camera. See how her well-manicured pussy gets deep-fucked by a big cock. See how she finishes the lucky guy off with a tit-fuck so he can blow his load all over her huge naturals. You see? The lawn guys might not get paid much, but they get all the good pussy.

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Jennifer Dark in Crude Oil 4 movie

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Jennifer Dark works hard to stay in shape, and she likes to spice up her sex life with a little baby oil to show off her great figure.  You can watch that tanned and firm body of hers get slammed hard as Ethan stuffs her pussy and decorates her pretty face with a batch of ball batter.

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Mariah Kakes in girls greasin’ girls 3 movie

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Out in the hot summer sun Angel Cummings and Mariah Kakes are greased up good. These two black beauties don’t need no suntan oil but they sure do like wearing it anyway. Makes them look real good in da ‘hood when they start fucking each other with toys deep and good!

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We brought in Desiree and one of her cute girlfriends to show us a good time. Desiree’s slim body contrasted nicely with her friend’s round bubble butt, and we had a great time banging away at each girl from behind, grabbing each one’s hips and pulling them close to us with each thrust.

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Mariah Kakes needed a touch of the bizarre to spice up her sex life, so we invited her over to do our latest scene. She was more than up to the task, devouring this big cock and taking it inside her sweet honey pot until it covered her face and chest with spunk.

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Mariah in lesbian action

Mariah Kakes has on her favorite fly-girl red and black leggings and sleeves.

Desiree’s slim body contrasted nicely with Mariah’s round bubble butt, and we had a great time banging away at each girl from behind

Mariah Kakes needed a touch of the bizarre to spice up her sex life, so we invited her over to do our latest scene.


Arianna Sinn movies

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When we scheduled Arianna Sinn and Miosotis for a shoot in the Dominican Republic at the same time, we figured the girls would like each other. And we’ll be the first to admit that when we put them in the same room, we were hoping sparks would fly. Well, we were right, but beyond our wildest imaginations. Welcome to “Arianna & Miosotis: Clash of the Super-Naturals,” in which G-cup Arianna Sinn from Romania comes face to face, tit-to-tit and pussy-to-pussy with KKK-cup Miosotis from the Dominican Republic. The girls don’t speak the same verbal language, but they definitely speak the same body language: huge, naturals tits! This three-part special begins with Miosotis–her tits pouring out of a purple bra, watching and playing with herself as Arianna gets fucked by a stud. Miosotis (one of the most popular girls at knows that the tits and pussy being fucked will soon be hers to devour, and Arianna knows that after she gets fucked, she’s going to let Miosotis have her way with her. That adds to the sexual tension in the scene. “I will be shooting a lesbian scene for the first time ever with Miosotis,” Arianna told us. “I will be very submissive. It will be a great scene. You guys will love it.” We have no doubts about that. Whoever would have imagined that Arianna getting fucked while Miosotis watches would be the prelude, not the main event?!

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Cumming In The Kitchen With Arianna

You now, you already know that Arianna is the greatest fuck on Earth. You know that because you’ve seen her sucking and fucking at But how does Arianna keep her skills sharp? By practicing on dildos. And where does she keep her dildos? In the kitchen, of course. Now, most people keep plates and bowls and knives and forks in their kitchen cabinets. Not Arianna. She keeps dildos and vibrators in her kitchen cabinets. Why? Because she wants to keep them handy in case the feeling strikes. And the feeling strikes quite often. But here’s why this pictorial is so special. We’ll let Arianna tell you. “Always in my dreams I use two dildos,” she says, “but I’ve never done it for real.” Here, Arianna does it for real. That’s right, Arianna fills her pussy with two dildos! Two dildos in her sweet cunt at once. And they aren’t two small dildos. They’re two big dildos that Arianna slides into her pussy and fucks herself with. Two dildos. One pussy. And, of course, there’s only one Arianna Sinn .


Are You Thinking What We’re Thinking?

“I like banana,” Arianna said in one of her previous videos, the one in which she takes us on a picnic. In the opening photos of this set, the proximity of the banana to her voluminous cleavage leads our minds to make the obvious connection. “Would you like to fuck my big boobs with your banana?” Arianna said when we revealed what we were thinking. “I would rather you use what is between your legs.” Arianna says she loves getting tit-fucked not only because she enjoys the feeling of a cock between her tits but because it makes her proud. “Sometimes the man’s cock will disappear, and I know that every woman can not do that,” she said. After Arianna finishes with the banana, she proceeds to put on a tit show that only a girl who’s built like her is capable of, self-sucking her nipples, letting her breasts splay over her arms and proudly posing for one of our favorite shots: the tit-to-knee squat (see photo #32). It’s a pose that 99.9% of the female population can’t pull off without leaning over…way over. Arianna manages to do it while keeping her straight back. So, in more ways than one, she has perfect form. With or without a banana.


Tropic Thunder

Some sun, some breeze and a whole day in the tropics sounds like the perfect vacation. But throw Christy Marks into the mix and you’ve got yourself the perfect perverted getaway. You see, you can’t keep Christy clothed for too long. She might start off in her jeans and bikini top, but she ends up naked and plugging her pussy on the dock of the bay. Just you and Christy on an island somewhere and she is cumming for you and the day hasn’t even started yet. That, my friends, is the ideal vacation…for you and your cock!


Who’s Teasing Who?

Who takes a shower with her clothes on? A girl who wants nothing more than to tease us before she satisfies us, that’s who. A girl like Karina. The sheer, wet T-shirt at the start is a nice touch. In the photos, we enjoy an ants-eye view of her rack. As the action proceeds, we think Karina is about to get naked, but she isn’t. She wants to tease us some more, but is this really a tease or is it exactly what we want to see: Karina soaping up her twin beauties through her shirt? And who exactly is she teasing? “I like to take a shower and see how long I can go without touching my pussy,” she said. “I will touch every other part of my body, my breasts especially, until I get so excited, I must get myself off.” That’s what the dildo is for. With Karina, it’s always handy.


That PVC Shine

Hollywood is pro at inserting hot, sexy babes in hot costumes. Halle Berry was wrapped in her skin tight X-Men outfit as Storm, Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft, Milla Jovovich was Ultraviolet, Kate Beckinsale did Underworld and Van Helsing, Uma Thurman killed in Kill Bill and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Charlize Theron thrilled in Aeon Flux, Terminatrix Kristanna Loken terminated in Terminator 3 and Carrie-Anne Moss in her leather trenchcoat and dark glasses took things to a higher level in The Matrix. Well, that’s all well and good and proper, but when it comes to a blazing sexy outfit coating the amazing body of a truly superstacked bombshell, Linsey takes top prize above all those basically flat-chested beauties. Lara Croft’s D cuppers can’t touch Linsey’s torpedoes and Halle could sit in one of Linsey’s bra cups.


Super Sized

Cuban-American bombshell Angelina Castro is a sweater-splitting bombshell in very sense of the word. She’s also a lot of fun just to listen to. If you’ve seen her special Blog videos talking about the South Florida scene, you know what we mean. Angelina fucks like a bunny and loves show-off sex and she’s not shy about doing it on camera unlike most Cuban girls who keep it behind closed doors. Her excited, outspoken personality and sense of humor, and her funny observations about life have made her a favorite guest on many local Spanish language variety shows where she is the “hot girl.” The fact that she has a jawdropping body including an amazing ass is not lost on the TV people either. But hey, we’re shallow here. Her huge tits got her into SCORE. We love to watch her drop her top and spread her pussy and we love to watch her hop on the cock. What tops it all off on video is the way she talks. She has a sexy, funny and dirty mouth and that really charges up a scene, making it even hornier. With Angelina, a high energy girl who keeps her fuck-me heels on at home too, you must stock up on the zinc, lecithin and egg whites because you’ll need every volt of your stamina.